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Managing Labels on devices

Labels are key-value pairs that help you associate configuration parameters with a group of devices or a particular device.

You can tag your Devices>All Devices with as many labels as you need.

Ensure that the keys of all the labels of a device are unique.

Adding Labels

To add a new label to a device, do the following

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Devices>All Devices. A list of added devices is displayed.

  2. On the Details tab, find the LABELS section.

  3. Enter the key of the label to the left of the :
    In this example, the key is country

  4. Enter the value of the label to the right of :
    In this example, the value is Japan

  5. Click Add label. The labels are added to the device.

apply configuration parameters

Modifying Labels

  • You can Modify existing labels by changing their keys or/and values and clicking Save.

  • You can Delete a label by clicking on the delete icon next to it.