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What's New in 2022

This section of the document gives you an overview of the new features and functions in It includes new features, improvements, announcements, deprecations, and bug fixes.


March 16


Feature Type Description
Package Deployment Improvement You can now deploy pacakges with previous generation builds, in case the current build generation is in progress.

Bug Fixes

  • Once the old deployment log files reached a certain size, the telegraf on device was not processing the new deployment log files. This issue is now fixed.

SDK Python SDK 1.1.0 released

Feature Type Description
Build Feature We have now enabled support for triggering github workflow webhook once the build is complete.


February 24


We are releasing internal changes to the rapyuta-agent. This affects the deployment details of the running deployments on Docker devices. Request you to re-provision the deployments to view the details.

February 16


Feature Type Description
System Metrics New You can now graphically visualise system metrics for each device. The system metrics are now automatically subscribed when the device is successfully onboarded.
Disks Improvement The disks page automatically refreshes to fetch the latest statuses.
ROS topics Deprecated now supports User Metrics to send custom metrics. The ROS topics on the device Metrics tab has been deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • Mount Path was not accepting the dot (".") character while deploying a package. This issue is now fixed.

February 2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the last line clipping issue of the SSH device terminal.

  • Fixed issue of propagating the right ROS version to the backend while cloning a package.

  • Fixed issues with the sorting and filtering options present in the Manage log tab.

  • When you download the logs and open the Direct Link tab, an option to copy the URL is present. The copied link was invalid. This issue is now fixed.


January 19


Feature Type Description
Native Networks Improvement If the package has no ROS settings then the Native Network will default to propagating everything.
Native Networks Improvement The mandatory prerequisite of setting config variable network_interface on the device for native network is removed.
Local Communication Broker Deprecated The Local communication broker package is now deprecated.

SDK Python SDK 0.39.0 released

Feature Type Description
Metrics Deprecated The Device.metrics(), Device.subscribe_metric(), Device.unsubscribe_metric() functions have been removed.
Local Communication Broker Deprecated The Local communication broker package is now removed.